Thomas Köstler

Thomas Köstler was born in Zurich in 1968.
He spent his childhood and adolescence in various places in Switzerland, amongst them Lausanne, the Valais and the Basel region.

He graduated from school in Münchenstein near Basel in 1987. This was followed by a 6-year study of medical science. He graduated from his studies with a medical degree from the university Basel at the beginning of November 1993.

He started his doctorate thesis during his studies and was granted his PhD from the university Basel in January 1994.

His professional career began in March 1994 and it carried him from assistant doctor of Delémont over Brig (in Valais) to the canton hospital in Winterthur where he reached the maturity for medical specialist in surgery in 2000.

His two daughters Sarah and Annika were born during his formation period (1994 and 1996) and later his two daughters Sofia (2018) and Maxima (2019). Dr. Köstler is married to the lawyer Selime Berk, Maxima and Sofia are the two joint children.
He was able to gain first experiences as head physician in the regional hospital Lachen, before he changed in January 2002 to the hospital Limmattal, also as head physician.

There he was promoted deputy senior physician in 2004 and since 2006 he has been the leading doctor for surgery at the hospital Limmattal near Zurich.

Dr. Köstler gained the focus titles for general surgery and traumatology as well as for visceral surgery at the hospital Limmattal. During the last few years he has been specializing in bariatric surgery (obesity surgery).

In this area he counts as one of the most experienced surgeons in the whole of Switzerland with a total of over 3000 bariatric operations. Right now he is chief doctor for surgery at the hospital Limmattal and is the head of the interdisciplinary obesity team.

Between 2012 and 2017, he held the position of consulting physician for bariatric surgery at the University Hospital Basel. Here he leads the bariatric surgical team.

He uses his spare time which remains after his high professional commitment, mostly for sporting activities (mountain tours, mountain biking, etc.) and for reading. His hobbies also include adventure holidays to foreign cultures.

Curriculum Vitae


Obtainment of the focus title «Visceral surgery»

Obtainment of the focus title, «General surgery and traumatology»

Specialized doctor for surgery FMH

Promotion (PhD), University Basel

Doctor diploma, University Basel

Career path

since 2006
Chief physician surgery, hospital Limmattal, Schlieren

2004 – 2005
Deputy senior physician hospital Limmattal, Schlieren

2002 – 2004
Head physician, hospital Limmattal, Schlieren

2000 – 2001
Head physician, regional hospital Lachen

1994 – 2000
Assistant doctor at the Kreisspital Brig, regional hospital Delémont and cantonal hospital Winterthur


Special interests
Bariatric surgery (gastric bands, various gastric bypasses, biliopancreatic diversion, revision procedures, etc.).


mother tongue

very well spoken and written

well spoken and written


Primary non-closure of mesenteric defects in laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass: reoperations and intraoperative findings in 146 patients.

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Eine modifizierte Methode zur Herstellung vitaler Skelettmuskelzell-Suspensionen

(Dissertation Dr. Th Köstler, 1994, Universität Basel)

Speeches and contributions at International conferences

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Speeches and contributions at national conferences

Adipositas-Symposium Spital Limmattal 2015

Bariatrische Chirurgie:
15 Jahre Erfahrung und über 1000 Operationen am Spital Limmattal: Eine Bilanz
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